You will never forget to read the daily text. With this app, you will receive every day, any time you want, a notification with the daily text. You can read it and share it with whomever you want.

Now you will be able to read the daily text from the main screen, a complete redesign and it’s much easier to navigate the entire App. If you have an AppleWatch, you can also receive the daily text on your watch! You can also read the latest news to be up-to-date with everything that occurred with the people of Jehovah.

Download the latest posts available to read whenever you want and also watch the latest Broadcasting program of the month with just one click.

A very simple app to use and with a great design. The first thing you will see when you open the app will always be the updated daily text. More features will be added in future updates and always maintaining the simplicity so that everyone finds it very easy to use.

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What users say:

It automatically gives you a notification so you don’t forget to read it everyday, another great way to stay close to Jehovah.

United States – by Hurleygirl22

Love this app ♥️

United States – by miss_bonita

Me encanta q si estoy despierta me llega el texto a las 12:00 de la mañana automáticamente…. Muchas Gracias

United States – by #MONTERANRECORDS 

As I read the daily text,I act as if it’s a little post it from JEHOVAH GOD‼️‼️‼️ Some days it’s at night before my day ends, I maybe too tired for the whole thing,but a beautiful brother said:”Don’t feel troubled if you just read the Bible verse, any love note from Jehovah will ALWAYS make your heart ❤️ glad,but think about how Jehovah feels when he sees you read his post it to you that day‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️

United States – by LA~LA!!

My daily text keeps me centered on a daily basis. There is no other as well prepared and easy to work. Thank you Jehovah! In our ransom savior’s name Jesus ChristI Amen!!!

United States – by El Chuco, Texan